April 12, 2012 – Municipalities, Schools and Hospitals: Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plans

Ontario’s Green Energy Act allows government to require  public agencies to:

  • prepare and publish an energy conservation and demand management plan
  • achieve prescribed targets and meet prescribed energy and environmental standards, including standards for energy conservation and demand management
  • Requires the public agency to implement the plan and to do so in accordance with such requirements as may be prescribed

Those plans must include a description and a forecast of the expected results of current and proposed activities and measures to conserve the energy consumed by the public agency’s operations and to otherwise reduce the amount of energy consumed by the public agency.

By Ontario Regulation 397/11, Conservation and Demand Management Plans, the province required municipalities, municipal service boards, universities, colleges, schools and hospitals to prepare and implement energy conservation plans.

In his presentation today at the AWMA Hamilton Breakfast Speaker Series, Paul Manning, principal of Manning Environmental Law, argues that public agencies should keep in mind, when preparing their plans, the obligation inherent in the legislation to implement those plans and the likelihood that those plans will form the basis of future regulation.

To view Paul’s presentation please click the following link: Energy Conservation And Demand Management Demand Plans

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