July 10, 2013 – Ontario Kicks Off Long-Term Energy Plan Review

Ontario is launching a review of the Long-Term Energy Plan, which will include province-wide consultations on a variety of topics including the province’s mix of energy sources such as wind, solar and nuclear, and conservation. Starting July 10, 2013 through to September 9, the general public, industry stakeholders, Aboriginal leaders, and municipal representatives are invited to participate by:

The updated Long-Term Energy Plan will be released this fall.

Engagement with First Nation and Métis

In parallel to the consultation activities, the Ministry of Energy and Ontario Power Authority are engaging with First Nation and Métis communities and organizations to discuss the elements of the Long-Term Energy Plan Review.

Public Consultation

The proposal has been posted on the Environmental Registry for a 61 day public review and comment period starting July 10, 2013. Public open houses will be held at the following locations:

St. Catharines – July 22

London – July 23

Windsor – July 25

Toronto – 30 or 31

Thunder Bay – August 7

Sudbury – August 13

Barrie – August 15

Ottawa – August 21

Please refer to the on-line and other publicly available documents for full and current details of this review and consultation.

Other Information

The Ministry of Energy and its agencies are seeking input in a number of other new  initiatives this summer. These consultations and engagements will focus on various aspects of how Ontario plans for the supply of and demand for electricity in Ontario. Please see the government website for details on the:

  • Conservation Review
  • Regional Energy Planning Review
  • Review and Information on Municipal Siting of Renewable Energy
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