Ontario Invites Public Input on Climate Change Strategy

Ontario has released a climate change discussion paper and invites citizens, businesses and communities to share ideas about how to fight climate change .

The government will engage aboriginal communities and hold province wide consultations with citizens, community organizations, industry stakeholders, municipal representatives and businesses, and will publically post the discussion paper for comment on the Environmental Registry for 45 days.

The discussion paper:

  • Identifies the climate change challenge, the risks and threats it poses to Ontario’s environment, economy and way of life
  • Suggests actions that encourage individuals, businesses, government and communities to do more to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Asks important questions to help inform a comprehensive climate change strategy and action plan, to be released later this year

Responding to the release of the discussion paper, David Paterson, Vice President Corporate and Environmental Affairs, General Motors Canada said

” We welcome Ontario’s approach of inclusive consultation on climate change policy and as a recognized North American leader in energy and GHG reduction and efficiency, GM Canada looks forward to active participation in this process.”

and Tim Gray, Executive Director of Environmental Defence commented

” It’s refreshing to see Ontario addressing climate change so directly. It’s clear that the government recognizes not only the imperative of taking action on climate change, but that doing so will make us better off. This paper is a great starting point for a critical conversation about our province’s future.”

  • Ontario will host a Climate Summit of the Americas from July 7-9, 2015, to advance collaborative action on climate change ahead of the Conference of the Parties in Paris in December.
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