Ontario Releases Minister’s Mandate Letters: Priorities for the Environment, Climate Change, Energy, and Indigenous Relations

On September 23, at the mid-point in the Ontario government’s mandate, Premier Kathleen Wynne released  her mandate letters to the new cabinet and their ministries.

Our readers will be especially interested in the mandates given to the Ministries for Environment and Climate Change, Energy, Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation, Natural Resources, and Northern Development and Mines. We provide an index and links below.


  1. Leading the Fight Against Climate Change
  2. Protecting Water and the Great Lakes
  3. Increasing Waste Diversion
  4. Modernizing Processes under the Environmental Bill of Rights
  5. Improving Drinking Water for Indigenous Communities
  6. Supporting the Development of the Ring of Fire


  1. Taking Further Action to Mitigate the Impact of Electricity Prices on Consumers and Businesses
  2. Developing the Province’s Next Long-Term Energy Plan
  3. Promoting Energy Conservation and the Adoption of Renewable Energy
  4. Supporting the Growth of the Low-Carbon Economy and Reductions in Greenhouse Gas Pollution
  5. Engaging with Indigenous Partners in Energy Planning Decisions and Supporting Economic Development and Reconciliation
  6. Driving Efficiencies and Maximizing Return on Investment from Electricity Sector


  1. Addressing the Legacy of Residential Schools
  2. Reconciling Relationships with Indigenous Peoples
  3. Supporting Indigenous Cultural Revitalization
  4. Closing Gaps and Removing Barriers
  5. Building Economic Opportunity
  6. Improving Drinking Water for First Nations
  7. Addressing Housing Needs for Indigenous People
  8. Ending Violence Against Indigenous Women
  9. Engaging in Dialogue with the Federal Government


  1. Supporting Forestry
  2. Guiding Land Use Planning
  3. Managing Aggregates
  4. Leading Conservation
  5. Strengthening Biodiversity
  6. Minimizing the Impact of Invasive Species
  7. Supporting the Climate Change Action Plan


  1. Developing the Ring of Fire
  2. Strengthening Ontario’s Mining Sector
  3. Driving Growth in Northern Ontario
  4. Supporting a Dynamic Business Climate in the North
  5. Supporting the Climate Change Action Plan


Manning Environmental Law is a Canadian law firm based in Toronto, Ontario. Our practice is focussed on environmental law, energy law and aboriginal law. 

Paul Manning is a certified specialist in environmental law. He has been named as one of the World’s Leading Environmental Lawyers by Who’s Who Legal: 2016.

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